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CHERRY JEWEL, a fantasy, action-adventure set in feudal and modern-day Japan December 7, 2013

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Book Two of the Epic Fantasy Adventure Series, LEGENDS OF THE DEMON SHAPESHIFTERS Available December 24, 2013


Book One of


Andean Hillstar cannot forget Hinata Murakami after she meets him through the magic of a dragon orb.

In Japan a secret society of magic exists. Hidden behind the world of humans. Populated with shapeshifters and immortals. Where the son of a feudal warlord, with a heartbreaking past; a young woman, searching for the father she never knew; and the loss of an ancient talisman holds the secret to saving the creatures of the earth from a terrible fate.

Cherry Jewel is the exciting first volume in the epic fantasy adventure, JEWELS OF THE RISING SUN that will leave you spellbound and yearning for more!

Novel Excerpt:

The attic!
I leaped to my feet and crossed the room in seconds to shove open the door. Years ago, when ‘Uela stayed here, I would come upstairs and crawl into her lap. As ‘Uela rocked me back and forth, stroking my hair, I wondered what might lurk behind (the trapezoid door’s) peculiar shape.
“’Uela,” I asked in my tiny child’s voice, “Are there monsters in there?”
In answer she took me by the hand and shoved open the door that, even then, creaked eerily on its hinges, as if something wicked hid in the dark recesses beyond. Together we looked at the room filled with stacked boxes and old stuff.
On that day, I remember, sunshine filtered through the dirt-smudged windows on the far wall while a musty scent assaulted my nose and burned my eyes.
Sweet ‘Uela with her salt and pepper hair and dark chocolate eyes assured me. “I would not want to spend much time in this sort of place, but, no monsters lurk the this attic’s musty corners.”
“What about at night, ‘Uela?” I still remember my child’s voice trembled in a whispered tone, afraid that speaking too loud would give us away.
“Not even then,” She gave my head a gentle pat of reassurance.
I looked up to see if there might be secret fear registered on her soft, sun-bronzed face. Instead I found her stern gaze aimed toward the room beyond. Her head cocked just slightly to one side, as if she had something else she wanted to say, but thought better of it just then.
When I first moved upstairs, I had shoved ‘Uela’s rocking chair, that made me want to sob every time I looked at it, up against the attic door, because frankly, that door and the room beyond still gave me the creeps just to look at it. But after this latest, awful argument with Mom, that same odd door now looked like the best place to start searching for anything that might tell me more about my dad.
I was eighteen, after all, and no longer afraid of monsters. Right?

End Chapter Excerpt

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In the meantime you can read TENGU PRINCE, Volume One of the Epic fantasy, action-adventure series: LEGENDS OF THE DEMON SHAPESHIFTERS

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for the month of December at


During a time of civil war, Kenshi Sanada is born the son of a powerful warlord. He has parents who adore him and the respect his clan until one night when a rival clan attacks his family castle, murdering everyone who does not manage to escape, including Kenshi’s own parents, who are murdered right before his eyes. Barely escaping with his life, he is spirited away by the king of the tengu. The shape-shifting raven leads him to the hidden mountain retreat of a sect of mystic warriors, mountain priests who practice the magic of Shugendo.

Ten years have passed. The time has come for Kenshi to leave the mystic’s protective lair and face his demons in the world beyond. But the fiend that shattered his life and now haunts his nightmares is not human and neither is Kenshi Sanada, at least, not completely human. More than a bad dream, the creature wants Kenshi dead.

In Legends of the Demon Shape Shifters, Book One, Tengu Prince, nothing is as it seems. Shape-shifting creatures, both good and evil, populate the magical world of feudal Japan. And a young man could pay the ultimate price for a deadly rival spawned in the mists of time. This riveting first volume of an epic fantasy adventure will leave you stunned and begging for more.

Chapter Excerpt

Above the canopy, thunderheads crowded the night sky. Below, Magatsu waited beneath the ever-growing clouds. Hidden in the shadows of tangled branches, he crouched between the trees where he watched the castle, the one he and his followers would soon attack.

A cruel smile tugged at his lips. Concealment was always best, a surprise attack preferable.

Wrapping the black robe closer about his shoulders, he kept his eyes focused on the target ahead. Though pathetic in its weakness, the human form he embodied, for the moment, served its purpose. The creatures he must abide had little tolerance for anything outside their own existence. So he became what they needed, what would make them feel the most comfortable and the easiest to influence to his way of thinking. In that way, he controlled the situation.

The plan had worked before. And so it would again.

End Chapter Excerpt

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  1. Karen Wan Says:

    Great to see you continuing and expanding your writing. My journey with my novel has been a much slower one than yours. Novel writing has made my life much more meaningful to me despite the slowness of my progress. It’s tough to blog and write, and I have been writing more and blogging less this year. Sorry, if I have missed staying current with your blog. I’m doing my best to follow everyone and keep up my own writing. Ledia, continued success with your writing! Karen

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