Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

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I watched this anime a few months ago and could not stop until I had seen every single episode. Since viewing it, I have wanted to write something about it in my blog. It was mentioned as one of my favorite anime in a previous blog entry. At present the best thing I can say is to watch the episodes and find out why I was hooked from the first moment.

Plot Summary:

Balsa is a wandering warrior, whose special technique is wielding a massive spear with incredible accuracy. Her entire adult life has been spent saving lives as atonement for a past sin. Her path crosses that of a young prince, Chagum, whose mother hires Balsa as a bodyguard because she believes her son’s life is in grave danger from the boy’s own father, the emperor of Japan.  Chagum’s father believes that the boy is possessed by a dangerous spirit that will destroy everything if Chagum is not killed immediately. In fact, the emperor has ordered his son’s own assassination.

Balsa and Chagum find themselves on a perilous journey, not only to elude the emperor’s many assassins, but also to stop the dangerous creature that is growing inside the boy’s chest. Desperate choices must be made along the way, as well as peeks into Balsa’s dramatic and traumatized past.

The link below contains every episode of the anime. If you enjoy Japanese History and a good fantasy adventure, tune it. You won’t be disappointed.

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