“Waiting for the New Year”

Anticipationhttp://fergiemoto.wordpress.com/ (Click here to see the post.)

Here is another charming post from “Fergiemoto” using a sweet blue bird image. Look for more beautiful photographs with accompanying poems on their site.

I see wonderful things for this talented artist/writer in this “Year of the Water Dragon”. 

5 thoughts on ““Waiting for the New Year”

    1. Thanks for the link back to my other blog and the clarity in giving me credit! Also, thank you for the kind comment you made in your post about my art and poems. Looking forward to seeing more of your postings in 2012!

      1. You are very welcome, Fergiemoto. I want to make sure that anymore who views your work on my site knows of its origin and the talent that created it. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts. I am sure that I will continue to enjoy yours as well.

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