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Toshidama Japanese Prints

How important is a likeness in a work of art? Maybe not as important as it seems; elsewhere on this site we’ve looked at how potentially disastrous it would be to use Hiroshige’s 53 Stations of the Tokaido Road as a route map; and so it was for centuries that depictions of actors or warriors could not be said to be accurate likenesses – or indeed any kind of likeness at all to the subjects they are depicting. All of this was to do with conventions; the traditions of Chinese and Japanese painting, the relative importance of actors and their roles, the shifting emphasis toward celebrity and the sophistication of the woodblock medium.

Kabuki is highly stylised, the performance relies on the tension between restraint (within very closely confined convention), and the controlled expression of extreme emotion – almost all kabuki theatre is after all melodrama. Principally because of censorship…

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    1. You are very welcome! So glad that you enjoy my blog, Sonali. I lived in Japan for several years and would love someday to go back. Perhaps you could share some of your photos or experiences with us. I’m sure the Japanophiles who visit Mysterious Japan, as well as myself, would love to hear about them. I could dedicate that entire blog post just to your photos and experiences. Have a wonderful day!

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