2015 Year of the Green Sheep

Green Sheep

People born under the sign of the Sheep seem the least likely to cause trouble. Probably because they respect order and rules, and prefer uncomplicated, easy lives, free of conflict or problems. Still, if danger appears, whether saving their own life or others, Sheep are extremely combative and put up a ferocious battle.

Mild, unassuming and whimsical, they seem incapable of making their fortune by their own efforts. One way or another they attract success and money which makes life easy for them. Innately intelligence and artistic, Sheep succeed in business. With the help of others, Sheep people generally land on their feet. Illustrated in their aptitude for knowing the right doors to knock on.  They also possess the gift of manual dexterity, which in turn makes them talented artisans.

However, in family matters they may flounder. A bit too undisciplined and morose, at times, this nature can bring out negative, antisocial behavior. Outside circumstances influence the Sheep’s actions and reveal startling contrasts in their seemingly impassive natures. Though they like to leave decision-making to others, they cannot be forced to follow a path they do not like. Lack of self-control and multiple delays may cause others to lose patience with them. Agreeable when they want, they often use their charm to take advantage of others, sometimes living at another’s expense.

Rams  gravitate toward the fantastic and the supernatural. Attracted to the Arts, many are highly creative while retaining their practical side. Art must have a functional use as well as reflecting beauty. Their strong artistic inclinations give them a keen eye for beauty. They adore exquisite things. Since they  crave peace and harmony, they need to surround themselves with beauty both in their living and working environment. Otherwise, they easily become depressed and dispirited.

Though their romantic life is often tempestuous, under the influence of Wood, they are thoughtful and good-humored.  Though they assume a leisurely way of life, still they are mindful of other people’s wishes. Sentimental, generous and with high moral principles, they have complete trust in those they believe in, often allowing others to take advantage, while making unwise sacrifices to keep the peace. A tendency to mother others,  they may collect both humans as well as animal strays to feed and take care of.

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