Magic in Japan Part 4: Shikigami

Shikigami or Shiki-no-kami  (servant spirit) come from Japanese folklore. A type of kami (spirit) that originated from Onmyōdō (the way of yin and yang) Japanese spell casting magic. Conjured by an onmyoji (spell caster) during a complex ceremony to protect and serve their masters,  much like a western witch or wizard’s familiar.  They spy, steal from, or attack their master’s enemies. The spiritual force… Read More Magic in Japan Part 4: Shikigami

Magic in Japan Part 3 – Exorcism

A form of exorcism in Japan comes from the distribution of Taoist talismans called ofuda, gofu, or shinpu. The priest (or sorcerer) paints the Thunder Writing or Celestial Calligraphy on rectangular strips of white, yellow, or red paper; wood, cloth, or metal. The calligrapher inscribes a prayer, along with the name of a kami (a divine being or spiritual force in the Shinto religion) while… Read More Magic in Japan Part 3 – Exorcism

Magic in Japan Part 2 – Divination

SHUKUYO ASTROLOGY Shukuyo Astrology is one of the representative divination methods, authenticated by Chinese astrology. It is excellent at reading [unconscious minds, abilities, and personality traits of a person]. In addition, it is also useful to read [compatibility with others] and [daily fortunes]. Do you have anyone in your mind, in either romantic or inter-personal… Read More Magic in Japan Part 2 – Divination

Magic in Japan: Part 1 – Onmyodo

Onmyōdō is a traditional magic  of Japan. Practiced by a sorcerer, called an Onmyōji, it is a mixture of natural science and occultism. It includes Wu Xing (the Five Elements,) Yin and Yang (duality in nature that complement one another: such as light and dark, fire and water,)  Shikigami (spirits summoned to act as a protector-servant,) O-fuda (a talisman,… Read More Magic in Japan: Part 1 – Onmyodo